About Dr. Jessica Higgins

"I'm so grateful to have met and worked with Jessica. She is an excellent coach. I found her to be one of the most warm, empathetic, and knowledgeable people of all the coaches and psychotherapists I've worked with over the years. Jessica holds space, listens deeply, and is extremely compassionate. Simultaneously, she provided me with the tools and encouragement I needed to stretch and grow in ways that had a very positive impact on my life. Anyone would be fortunate to work with Jessica!" - B. L.

Dr. Jessica Higgins
Relationship Coach | Transformational Coach & Facilitator

Dr Jessica Higgins Transformational CoachingWith two graduate degrees in psychology, two coaching certifications, and over 20 years of experience helping clients achieve successful results, Jessica offers you an integrative and comprehensive blend of psychology and coaching all in one.

Jessica is known for her deep understanding and keen perception; while being able to translate her observations and knowledge to help clients shift and transform their ways of relating. She guides clients on a path from confusion and heartache to clarity and authentic connection. Her ultimate goal is to help people acquire the insight, learning, and practice to navigate the terrain of intimacy more effectively. With Jessica’s assistance, couples and individuals transform pain and struggle into deep love, connection, and vitality.

Jessica is a Licensed Psychologist (PSY-3991) and Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC-5464) in the state of Colorado. She holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and a M.A. in Counseling Psychology. She is also a certified Dream Builder Coach and Life Mastery Consultant. She had advanced training in EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) and is in process of getting EFT certified.

Dr. Jessica Higgins is also the founder and creator of Connected Couple, which is a comprehensive, research-based, transformational, relationship program. This program helps couples at any stage in their relationship or marriage.

Clients schedule video and telephone sessions with Jessica to address their concerns and seek support in shifting their experience. During her relationship workshops and courses, individuals and couples learn how to achieve new levels of success, meaning, and aliveness within their relationship. Jessica also authors a blog that provides valuable information for relationship, loving, and optimal living. She is also the host of the Empowered Relationship Podcast which inspires, motivates, and guides individuals and couples into more empowered, conscious, and evolved ways of loving.


Coaching Approach

Jessica’s approach is primarily integrative in nature (with an emphasis on EFT – Emotionally Focused Therapy) and is strongly influenced by considering each clients’ particular needs. Since client’s needs tend to vary greatly, she has found it useful to integrates ideas, skills, and techniques from a variety of therapeutic modalities and evidence based treatments. In creating a unique and customized formula, Jessica also considers clients’ mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, relational, and creative health.

Jessica has a positive orientation, placing a great deal of importance on facilitating positive regard, compassion, and empowerment with clients. Throughout the therapeutic relationship, she attends to client’s strengths, insights, and inner wisdom. Her personal style is genuine, supportive, and encouraging.

 Member of ICEEFT Association

"Through her warm, confident and compassionate presence, Jessica creates this ideal space, while her wisdom and skill assists in the development of a personal internal space of openness and non judgment where it is okay to be vulnerable, to be oneself. Simply, Jessica has helped me to honor my highest self in all that I do. And most importantly, in all that I create in this life.” M.H.

Therapeutic Modalities

• Emotionally Focused Therapy

• Relationship Coaching & Family/ Marital/Couples Therapy

• Transformational & Therapeutic Coaching

• Humanistic: using unconditional positive regard and empathy

• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: working with thought patterns, expectations, core beliefs

• Transpersonal & Spiritual Psychology: ability to address holistic and spiritual aspects

• Body Centered/Somatic Therapy: working with emotions, beliefs, patterns, and experiences held in the body

• Positive Psychology: emphasizing strengths and virtues

• Mindfulness: helping facilitate a calm awareness of one’s experience

• Interpersonal: focusing on relationships and interpersonal skills

• Psychodynamic: working with past experiences that affect our current way of relating with others

• Gestalt: working with the experience of the here and now

• Guided Imagery & Visualization & Relaxation Techniques

• Systems Theory: looking at the interrelatedness of complex systems

• Multiculturalism: acceptance of multiple ethnic cultures

• LGBTQ ally

Learn more by visiting the Get Started page or by listening to the Empowered Relationship Podcast. Please contact me if you have questions or would like to schedule a session.

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Shifting Criticism For Connected Communication.

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Dr. Jessica Higgins ~ Relationship and Transformational Coaching