Most of my clients meet with me online via video conferencing (i.e. through Skype or Face Time). Other clients like to meet over the phone. To schedule, please email me at


If you have any questions or would like to learn more about relationship coaching, please feel free to contact me directly at Please note that email is not a confidential method of communication and submitting information does not establish a professional coaching relationship.

Empowered Relationship Podcast Show:

My intention for the Empowered Relationship Podcast show is to be supportive, positive, and informative, so that you can grow and improve your relationship in a powerful way.

Do you have a relationship question or concern that you would like support and feedback around?

You have two options: 1) You can receive live, laser coaching by being on the Empowered Relationship Podcast Show, or 2} You can submit a question via email or voice mail. Please see details below.

1. Be on the Empowered Relationship Podcast Show & Receive Live, Laser Coaching :

If you are interested in being on the show and receiving live, laser coaching from me, please email at with your request.

By participating in the Empowered Relationship live coaching call, you agree to allow Dr. Jessica Higgins and Empowered Relationship LLC to record, distribute, and disseminate the podcast in any manner. You also agree to allow Dr. Jessica Higgins and Empowered Relationship LLC to retain rights to the produced media for potential future use in speeches, books, and in all other public distribution.

2. Submit a Question For the Empowered Relationship Podcast Show:
If you want to submit a question for the Empowered Relationship Podcast, please:

*Decide if you want to share your name. Please let me know if I can use your name on the show or if you would like to remain anonymous

*Contact me by emailing or leaving me a voice message below.

*Keep your question to about one minute.

*Any context you can offer about your relationship will be helpful too.

*If you have a comment or criticism to share, please use constructive and tactful language, especially when commenting on guests on the show. I want the show to feel like a safe space for people. Also, I want us to be in the practice of using the principles we are discussing.

*Thank you!!

Leave Me A Voice Message

By clicking the “Start Recording” button below. All you need is internet connection and a microphone. Please let me know if I can play your voice message on the show. Thank you.

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