Relationship Coaching

Relationships are complex, in that there are twoCouple outdoors individual people, with different personalities, ways of relating, expectations, and desires. It is only natural to experience differences with our partner. However, these differences often feel like conflicts, power struggles, and threats to the relationship.

One of my specialties is helping couples and individuals handle conflict in their relationship constructively. This creates opportunities for growth, as well as helping clients access their ability to experience more love, passion, and connection within their relationship. Through my extensive training and research, I am able to offer many skills and methods to help clients manage their relationship more successfully and cultivate more intimacy and authenticity.

The process

During a Relationship and Couples Coaching session, you will have the opportunity to gain insight and perspective on your style and ways of relating. This will help you identify what is going on internally (i.e. your thoughts, feelings, nervous system, and body) that is contributing to the interactions you have with your partner. You will receive real time/hands on support and coaching to help you gain awareness, learn new tools, and resources to be more skillful and effective. You will receive coaching and facilitation to help you resolve concerns and issues, as well as gain a deeper level of closeness and emotional bond with your partner.



Relationship and Couples Coaching will facilitate more:

• Awareness of habitual patterns and deeper experiences (feelings, thoughts, expectations, and desires)

A couple after relationship coaching• Effective and skillful communication

• Ability to confront difficult topics and work towards positive resolution

• Empowerment and internal security

• Passion and authentic intimacy

• Balance of intimacy and autonomy needs

• Experience more vitality

Through the process of coaching and relationship development, you will begin to view your relationship as a practice, and you will handle challenges more successfully. You will experience deep insights, resolution, and inspiration. You will feel much more equipped with how to cultivate a lasting, passionate, and authentic partnership.

Relationship and Couples Coaching is helpful and effective at any stage of relationship (i.e. dating, pre-marital or pre-life commitment, and marriage).

If you are interested in relating to your significant other in a new way, then please contact me to schedule an appointment.

Shifting Criticism For Connected Communication

Shifting Criticism For Connected Communication.

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Dr. Jessica Higgins ~ Relationship and Transformational Coaching