Shifting Criticism

Shifting Criticism Into Connected Communication

Criticism is one of the leading reasons for divorce and break-ups. Learn how to repair and get back into connection, so that destructive patterns of criticism and defensiveness do not tear your relationship apart.

Connected Couple

Connected Couple

Learn how to create and maintain happy, lasting love. Most of us enter into a relationship without understanding what long-term intimacy will ask and require of us. Therefore, we typically get stuck or worse give up somewhere along the way. Set your relationship up for success today!

Hold Me Tight

Hold Me Tight

Learn from Dr. Susan Johnson, as she teaches and supports you in understanding the critical role of attachment in relationship. She will also help you grasp how to get out of painful disconnect patterns and create more secure connection in your relationship.

Shifting Criticism For Connected Communication

Shifting Criticism For Connected Communication.

Stop the criticism loop, learn new ways to communicate
and strengthen the connection with your partner.


Dr. Jessica Higgins ~ Relationship and Transformational Coaching