ERP 028: How To Clear An Issue With Your Partner

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Common Marriage Issues

These are my podcast show notes. Be sure to listen to the full episode to hear stories, examples, and more tips.

Over the last few weeks, I have been addressing a listener’s question. She basically asked, “What do you do when you have gotten into a pattern of not avoiding the Nine Destructive Behaviors in relationship conflict? Also, how do you deal with past hurts in this regard.”

To answer her question, I first addressed The Most Important Ingredient To Shifting Conflicts. In my next podcast, I talked about Being The Best You Can Be In Relationship. Third in the podcast series, I discussed How To Repair & Resolve Hurt In Relationship.

Today, I am talking about How To Clear An Issue With Your Spouse/Partner. Basically, I am discussing the 7 important elements to successful communication when you are having an issue with your partner. The exercise I refer to in this episode is A Step-By-Step Guide To Turn Any Argument Into Effective Communication.

How To Clear Common Marriage Issues:Common Marriage Issues

1. Learn To Take Perspective

  • The purpose of this communication exercise is to take perspective.
  • As you genuinely put yourself in your partner’s shoes, you can gain new understandings and awarenesses you would have not otherwise gained.
  • You and your partner will feel emotionally closer and connected as you both share and authentically listen to one another.

2. Don’t Initiate The Conversation With A One Track Mind

  • You get stuck because you want your spouse/partner to validate and acknowledge your experience.
  • You want them to take ownership for their impact on you and you want them to be understanding and sympathetic to your feelings.
  • However, if you lead with trying to get them to take ownership, it is likely they will push back and be defensive.
  • If both of you are wanting to be heard at the same time, then you can get stuck in a power struggle.

 Common Marriage Issues3. Reprioritize The Goal

  • If your goal is to have more understanding and resolution, then it is important to shift the priority (from trying to be heard exclusively) to engaging in a process together.
  • Ideally, you will both be working towards the common goal.
  • It is almost like the adult version of sharing when you do not want to.

4. Learn This New Language Together

  • Communication is a two-way process.
  • There is a sender and a receiver.
  • It isn’t communication if the receiver can’t understand the message. It would be like speaking a foreign language to someone but they cannot understand you.

Common Marriage Issues5. Recognize The Window Of Opportunity

  • There is a small window of opportunity to practice this exercise.
  • If you are too upset, you may be too defensive and triggered to be open to learning.
  • “Do I want to find resolution?” If “yes,” then proceed. If “no,” then take some space.
  • Only you can decide if you will fully participate.

6. Motivation

  • What comes first: inspiration and motivation or taking action on a task that you don’t really want to do (i.e. cleaning chore or homework assignment)?
  • People who think motivation comes first tend to procrastinate. If you wait for inspiration or motivation, it may never come.
  • Motivation often comes after taking action.

“Change is hard because people overestimate the value of what they have — and underestimate the value of what they may gain by giving that up.” ~ James Belasco and Ralph Stayer

7. This Exercise Is Hard!

  • Common Marriage IssuesIt takes a great deal of strength to tolerate your discomfort to be present to your partner’s pain, especially when your partner has an issue with you.
  • This is part of the growing, developing, and maturing that relationship/marriage offers us.
  • Knowing you will feel closer, more connected, intimate, and bonded will help inspire you to put forth the effort.


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Shifting Criticism For Connected Communication.

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