ERP 037: How To Deal With A “No” In Relationship

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Getting a “no” can be incredibly painful as it can bring up rejection issues in relationships. In this podcast episode, you will learn what happens when you get a frequent “no” in a love relationship and how you can deal with that “no” in a more healthy and non-threatening way.

(Show Notes: Be sure to listen to the episode to hear stories, examples, and more tips.)

What Is a “No?”

  • Rejection issues relationshipEmotionally checking out or emotionally leaving the relationship
  • Ultimatums and doubts, such as “yes – but”
  • Break-up or divorce

What Happens When We Get a “No”

  • People feel triggered and activated by love.
  • People don’t know how to deal with their reactions so they behave unskillfully.
  • People don’t have a growth mindset – where they can see their love relationship as an opportunity for healing, integration, or development.

How to Deal With Rejection in Love Relationships

  • rejection issues relationshipKnow yourself – better understand what you desire and what you want.
  • Value yourself – value your worth, qualities, and contributions.
  • Be a “yes” to you – accept and stand for what you want and desire.


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