ERP 049: The One Relationship Type That Leads To Lasting Love

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Jayson Gaddis – Chief relationship geek and host of the Smart Couple Podcast is the breakthrough marriage and relationship teacher for smart, successful, people. He was emotionally constipated for years before relationship failure drove him into a corner where he had no where to go but face his demons. From there Jayson was determined to overcome his blocks to intimacy and self-sabotage in relationship. He spent years in therapy and self-development programs until he slowly figured this relationship stuff out.

In this episode, Jayson talks with us about relationship pain and growth. He addresses three relationship types. If you and your partner have different relationship types, than this is probably causing some level of conflict and stress. This will especially be true if one of you has the growth and development type and your partner does not.

(These are Show Notes: Be sure to listen to the episode to hear stories, examples, and more tips.)

Three Types Of Relationship

1.  Comfort and Security Type: Partners want to be safe. They don’t want to grow.

2. Pleasure & Fun Type: Partners want to have fun. They don’t want drama and challenge.

3. Growth & Development Type: Partners wants to grow and learn.

Jayson also talks with us about how to skillfully address your relationship desires with your partner so that you can be on the path towards relationship growth and fulfillment.


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