ERP 070: How To Gain Emotional Balance In Your Relationship – With Sarina Stone

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Guest: Sarina Stone

Sarina Stone is an internationally renowned Medical Chi Kung (Qigong) instructor, Abdominal Massage expert, Natural Health Advocate and author of eight books.

After two decades of study in northern Thailand with Tao Master, Mantak Chia, Ms. Stone has developed multiple self-help tools for stress relief, conscious manifestation, physical health and longevity.

Known for her light-hearted approach to health and wellness, Sarina Stone is a colorful, beloved speaker and educator across the globe.

Our thoughts and emotions directly impact our physical health.

Many of us, (myself included) go through life feeling preoccupied, distracted, and overwhelmed. It is easy to overlook our inner world (i.e. what we are thinking, what we believe, what we feel, and what we sense in our body), and how it affects our overall well-being. It is easy to loose touch with ourselves.

In this episode, Sarina Stone talks with us about the important relationship between our thinking and emotional patterns with our physical health and relationship health.

Sarina uses quantum physics, psychology, Taoism, and Medical Chi Kung to describe this direct relationship between the mind and the body.

She defines:

Taoism – as the way of nature (the philosophy of handling any situation in a natural way).

Medical Chi Kung – as scientific energy work.

Our Personal health directly impacts the quality of our relationships.

In Sarina’s work, she encourages people to work on themselves. She claims that as people clear out harmful thinking and emotional patterns their health and relationships dramatically improve.

“In order to have a healthy relationship with someone else, one must be in a healthy relationship with themselves.” ~ Sarina Stone

At the end of the episode, Sarina leads us in a short exercise to learn how to bring more emotional balance to our personal experience.

Be sure to listen to the episode to hear stories, examples, and tips.



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