ERP 079: A Personal Sharing Of My Honoring The Darkness

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When writing the show notes for last week’s podcast episode, “ERP 078: How To Honor The Darkness,” I realized it might be helpful for me to share a more poignant example of a time in my life where I faced my shadow in a significant way.

Please listen to the episode to hear my story.

“Why do we choose partners so different from ourselves? It’s not fate or chance or cliches like, “the heart wants what the heart wants”. We choose our partners because they represent the unfinished business from our childhood. And we choose them because they manifest the qualities we wish we had. In doing so, in choosing such a challenging partner and working to give them what they need, we chart a course for our own growth.” ~ Modern Family “Clean Out Your Junk Drawer”

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek.” — Joseph Campbell



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