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ERP 081: How To Deal With Fear When Opening Up To Love

By Posted in - Podcast October 12th, 2016 0 Comments

Laser Coaching Session With Listener

In this episode, I offer live coaching to help a listener explore what happens for her when she experiences an opportunity for love and connection and she “shuts down.”

She shares about her desire for love and authentic relationship, as well as her fear of being “too much.”

Listen to the episode to hear her process and the take aways (that I am sure we can all relate to):

  • How to get out of our heads, and into our hearts. Being “heady” gives us a false senses of protection, in that it actually works against us.
  • How to slow down, breathe, and notice.
  • How to honor our desire, interest, and emotion.
  • How to trust our selves.
  • How to deal with fear of rejection.


Click on this link to access the transcript for this episode: ERP 081: How To Deal With Fear When Opening Up To Love

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