ERP 133: How to confront the commitment conversation when you are afraid of rejection

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Topic: Fear of rejection in relationships

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In this episode, I offer feedback to a listener who wants to deepen the level of commitment in his relationship, but is worried about coming on too strong and scaring her off. He is also afraid of getting rejected.

(Please listen to the podcast episode or read the transcript to hear the conversation and examples to describe these points.)

Tips to consider:

  • State your desire as openly and honestly as possible.
  • Practice safe vulnerability. Take care of yourself. Look for an opportunity for mutual engagement.
  • Give space for your partner’s authentic experience.
  • Honor your values and relationship goals.

Excerpt from The Gottman Institute:
“If you suffer a physical injury, would you wait weeks or even years before seeing a doctor? Probably not, because you know that a doctor can assess what’s wrong and treat it before things gets worse.

Unfortunately, most couples don’t think of emotional injuries in the same way. The average couple waits six years before seeking help, and by that point it can too late.

The good news is that, according to the research, prevention is 3x more effective than intervention.”

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Thank you so much for your interest in improving your relationship. Having fear of rejection in relationships hinders your connection. Knowing how to overcome it will help you to commit on a deeper level.

Thank you! 

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