ERP 136: How to handle Grief and loss in relationship – Part Two

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Topic: Grief causing relationship problems

If you missed part one, please check out ERP 135, where I give you a greater understanding of what is happening during the grieving process. I talk about what to look out for if you are experiencing loss in your life, as well as what you might expect with the stages of grief.

In this episode, I give you 6 tips on how to cope and heal when dealing with loss in your life and relationship.

(Please listen to the podcast episode or read the transcript to hear explanations, stories and examples.)

6 Tips on How to Cope with Grief & Loss

These tips can be used and combined in various ways. They not intended to be used in any particular order.


T. Take Action.

  • Somatic psychology research helps us understand the importance of using our bodies to shift the emotional charge and intensity of a loss.

R. Ritual.

  • Homemade rituals can be powerful ways to bring our healing and intentions into focus.

I. Impeccable self-care.

  • As mentioned in ERP 135, when grieving, our whole system (physically, emotionally, psychologically) is trying to cope with the loss.
  • Giving yourself the extra support and care will help you recover more efficiently and effectively.

B. Be Present With Love.

  • At some point, we have to choose, whether or not we are going to deny it, fight it, or attempt to control it, or are we going to accept the loss.
  • Accepting often feels like a sense of surrender.
  • When we are present and open, we are more available to the presence of love all around us.

“Sometimes it feels as though we are broken open to find that we are whole.”

E. Express Yourself.

  • You have to “Feel it to heal it.”
  • When we attend to our emotional process, we have a greater opportunity to heal and grow.
  • You have to “Name it to tame it.”

S. Seek Support.

  • While being around friends and family may be difficult, meaningful connection can offer feelings of connection, warmth, and positivity.

As a reminder grief looks different for each person, be gentle with yourself and do your best to work with your healing process. If you need extra support, consider reaching out to a therapist or coach.



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