ERP 208: How To Find Balance And Direction

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No doubt, we are all feeling the stress of the COVID-19 crisis. I reach out to you today to be in community with you, as we are all being impacted. With the threats looming, it is easy to feel scared, uncertain, and a sense of loss. 

(Please listen to the podcast episode or read the transcript to hear explanations, stories and examples.) 

In this episode, Dr. Jessica Higgins discusses: 

  • How the way with deal with a challenge can be more important than the challenge itself. 
  • How to find a balance between panicking in fear and ignoring or dismissing the issue. 
  • Learning to manage our reactions and activated states. 
  • Building awareness around our experience, so that we can be more present to others and ourselves. 
  • Focusing on an Intention for clarity and direction.
  • How to build connection with others even when we are limited. 
  • How to practice discernment and mindful action. 

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ERP 208: How To Find Balance And Direction During Stressful Times

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