ERP 218: Black Lives Matter

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Today, I am pausing from the regularly scheduled episodes to stand in solidarity for Black Out Tuesday and Black Lives Matter.

On the Empowered Relationship podcast, we address principles that support healthy relationship.

The importance of safety, respect and reverence for people expands beyond intimate connection.

We are all a part of a human family. When harm, injury, abuse, injustice occurs, it affects us all whether we turn towards it or we turn away from it.

As we talk about on this show, when someone is acting out of protest, there is pain. While the message isn’t always clear. If we look deeply, what is underneath is “This is not okay. I am not okay.”

Today, I invite you to consider putting attention towards positive change and being a part of a solution.

I encourage any time you would have allocated towards improving your intimate relationship today to invest in the quality of human connection and with Black Lives specifically.

What can you do today to pivot your focus to relationship, care and consideration for the safety and well-being of Black Lives and the experience of African Americans in the United States, as well as your role (your relationship, how you participate or how you don’t participate)?

We all have a role.

There are many ways you can do this. If you are looking for ideas, please see below for some suggestions.

Another way to think about this…is what do you do when someone you love or care about is hurting? Or when you feel overwhelmed and don’t know what to do?

  • Learn.
  • Read.
  • Listen.
  • Hold space.
  • Get involved.
  • Donate
  • Sign petitions.

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