ERP 219: The Human Need for Belonging

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Today, I am referencing Dr. Vivek Murthy’s book, Together, to offer some added support for the larger conversation around institutional racism, oppression and social justice. 

In this episode, Dr. Jessica Higgins discusses: 

  • The right of human belonging and humanization.
  • The role of disconnection, dehumanization, fear and distrust that plays into our experience.
  • How do we build trust, repair and relationship together. 

“The challenge of the remainder of our century is how are we as a global family going to attend to the basic fundamentals of creating the right of belonging?” John Paul Lederach in “Together” by Dr. Vivek Murthy

  • Exploring the question…”how do we experience more connection collectively.”
  • How to engage in higher quality presence and connection when differences exist.

“I have a fundamental belief that at the root of every person is a spark of the Creator. There’s something that binds everyone. Even if they are behaving in ways I find reprehensible, we still share a common humanity. And that can’t be erased. Even if someone is doing things that are really against me or harming me or society. I feel somewhat of a responsibility to that person.” Matthew Stevenson from “Together” by Dr. Vivek Murthy



ERP 219: The Human Need For Belonging

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