ERP 231: How To Gain More Acceptance And Expression Sexually- An Interview with Stacie Ysidro

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Stacie Ysidro is the founder of Holistic Progressions and is acknowledged by the World Association of Sex Coaches. Starting her career with business and life coaching in 2009, Stacie combined sexology education, somatic coaching and spirituality to create a unique transformational experience for her clients. Over the 10+ years of service in her industry, Stacie has helped thousands of clients create a sexually satisfying life in recovery, overcome sexual guilt and shame, learn the language of arousal and pleasure, and reignite passion in their relationships.

(Please listen to the podcast episode or read the transcript to hear explanations, stories, and examples.)

In this episode, Stacie and Dr. Jessica Higgins discuss: 

  • Our unconscious tendencies in how we show up in sexual intimacy.
  • Dealing with shame and old programming around our sexual expression. 
  • How our traumas, big and small, influence our experience and our ability to prioritize pleasure.
  • The importance of redefining our sexual value system.
  • Three tips to improve your own sexual energy.
  • How to let the walls of protection down to allow for more vulnerability, safety and connection. 
  • The need to feel loved and accepted for who we are truly. 
  • Understanding that as your relationship changes your sex life will too, examine what your needs and wants are, and why.
  • Explore and examine what is important to you, what you love about yourself, and what you love about your partner.

“The journey to full sexual self-expression and sexual self-acceptance is the deepest most powerful way that you can step into personal growth and development.” —  Stacie Ysidro 



ERP 231: How to Gain More Acceptance and Expression Sexually, an Interview with Stacie Ysidro

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