ERP 255: How To Deal With Problems Related To Social Media In Relationship – An Interview with Dr. Marisa T. Cohen

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In today’s episode, I’m joined by Dr. Marisa T. Cohen, relationship coach, and researcher. We talk about how the influence of social media on couples can be damaging to their relationship. Marisa points out how different aspects of using social media can make couples feel disengaged with each other.

She talks about how social media usage can increase jealousy in relationships and how individuals turn toward social media to create fulfillment where they feel an emotional void. Marisa talks about the social comparisons that affect relationships and the “unreality” of social media feeds.

Listen in to learn why understanding what you value in a relationship is essential to invest in what’s most meaningful in life and how you can start a conversation about social media with your partner.

(Please listen to the podcast episode or read the transcript to hear explanations, stories, and examples.)


Dr. Marisa T. Cohen is a relationship coach, relationship researcher, and teaches college-level psychology courses. She is the author of From First Kiss to Forever: A Scientific Approach to Love, a book that relates relationship science research to everyday experiences and real relationship issues confronted by couples. She is also the author of Finding Love: The Scientific Take, a Psychology Today blog and Love Lessons, a Long Island Weekly newspaper column.

In this episode, Dr. Marisa T. Cohen and Dr. Jessica Higgins discuss: 

  • How comparison to other couples on the internet can lead toward shame or inadequacy
  • The influence of social media on couple satisfaction
  • When social media becomes a pain point in a relationship
  • Higher levels of Facebook use are associated with negative relationship outcomes
  • Why you shouldn’t apply your reality to a social media feed reality
  • Understanding what you value in your relationship is important for relationship success
  • Why working through arguments and disagreements helps build new understandings and can lead to a stronger relationship and more intimacy
  • Recommendations on how you can have a conversation about social media with your partner
  • Conversation pointers to use when having a constructive conversation
  • Non-verbal communication mismatches that can lead to relationship conflict
  • Why you need to take your ex-partner off your social media feed


Dr. Marisa T. Cohen books:

From First Kiss to Forever: A Scientific Approach to Love, a book that relates relationship science research to everyday experiences and real relationship issues confronted by couples (*Amazon Affiliate link)


ERP 255: How to Deal With Problems Related to Social Media in Relationship, an Interview With Dr. Marisa T. Cohen

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