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Empowered Relationship: Core Values & Mission Statement

Empowered Relationship: Core Values & Mission Statement


Core values:


• We exist to inspire people to invest in the growth of their relationship, both in becoming more effective and successful in handling challenges/conflict and in deepening levels of intimacy, closeness, and connection.

• We aim to provide opportunities for new ways of relating that are corrective, healing, and rewarding.



• We inspire people to believe in their ability to cultivate lasting, evolving love and to hold a higher vision for their relationship.
• We encourage playfulness, fun, and happiness.



• We ultimately want people to feel more skillful and equipped in navigating their love relationship.

• Our hope is that people will approach situations with more positivity and possibility, taking a more active approach towards their relational contribution.



• Our programs are easy to use, with a focus on simplicity, and are visually appealing and attractive.

• Our programs are easily accessible for customers to use, so that they have the freedom to learn and apply skills and knowledge in ways that are comfortable and convenient for them.



• Our programs are innovative in idea, design, and technology.

• Our programs are multimodal/multimedia, in that they are designed to attend to different learning styles. They are also designed to be experiential, fun, and engaging.

• We strive to provide the highest level of relationship information, tools, resources, and programs.



• We are committed to collaboration, valuing differences, and working through challenges effectively with authenticity and achieving win-win solutions.


The Mission

• To develop a culture where people understand and are commitment to the value of investing in their relationship and taking an active role in its development.

• To help people see relationship as an ever evolving process full of unlimited possibilities and potential.

• To help people view conflict in relationship as an opportunity for growth, increased intimacy, and transformation (i.e. To help people shift from what feels impossible to what is possible)

• To help people feel more effective and successful in working through challenges and conflict.

• To help people feel more confident and skillful in cultivating intimacy in relationship.

• To help people achieve greater closeness, understanding, and connection together, and helping them create their relationship to be a fun experience.

To learn more about the Empowered Relationship Course, contact Dr. Jessica Higgins at or by phone at 303-956-7996.




(In Ways That You Didn’t Think Were Possible).