Therapeutic &
Transformational Coaching

Life is dynamic and full of challenges. Sometimes we are presented with difficulties that we do not feel equipped to handle. Major life concerns, relationship difficulties, and/or old habits can leave us feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and uncertain about how to move forward.

With all the many influences in our lives (be it family, a significant other, friends, community, culture, media, etc.), and it can be difficult to find and connect with our sense of self and integrity. When our life does not reflect the person we want to be, or we make decisions that do not Man sitting on mountain topcontribute to what we want in life, we can feel anxious, disappointed, and depressed.

No matter where you are in life, things can get better. Regardless of your reason for seeking support, I want to acknowledge your courage for exploring something new to improve your life. There are many benefits to coaching. You will gain new insights and understandings, as well as new and effective ways of approaching difficulties and challenges.


Feeling a block

Most people have experienced hardship or difficulty in their life time. We usually do the best we can to get through it. In an attempt to feel safe and protected against unpleasant experiences, we often build defenses (i.e. avoiding or shutting down, addictive behaviors, or anxiously seeking to please).

We may approach new difficulties by relying on old defenses. Since these defenses are often not conscious, we do not have the opportunity to evaluate whether or not these defenses are helping or hindering us within our current situation. If left unexamined, defenses can develop into persistent patterns and habits that can be harmful or even destructive.

Negotiating who we are in times of change and transition often requires us to explore ourselves a little deeper. Sometimes we are unsure how to welcome and work with change, which can be a natural process of development. Sometimes it seems that our world is changing so fast, we do not know our place within it all. Other times, we are changing and growing so much that it requires us to relate to the world in totally new ways.


Becoming more skillful

With assistance and effort, you will gain skill and practice in beWoman leaping on the beachcoming more aware, which will  give you the opportunity to release old patterns, emotions, and protective defensives. Then, you create room for a new experience and improve your ability to heal, evolve, and developed.

Through therapeutic coaching, you will have the opportunity to identify new strategies to acquire more desirable and optimal outcomes. You will be able to practice and receive feedback as your explore. When challenges arise, you will have assistance in knowing how to refine your approach. You will feel more accomplished and effective in experiencing a higher and greater version of yourself over and over again.


The therapeutic process

The concerns and issues that bring you into coaching will be a starting point for our work together. The information gained in your intake session and your goals will also will be the basis for the direction of our work together.

With an active and collaborative style, I will assist you in your self-exploration. I will invite you to explore aspects of your experience more deeply through various therapeutic techniques. We may confront negative and limiting beliefs, past hurts, protective defenses, and/or emotions.

We will practice skills together so that you will be able to apply and integrate the skills into your life. Through listening and attending to your process, we will explore new ways of approaching your challenges to help you get more of what you are wanting in life. As you work towards your goals, you will also gain more authenticity, creativity, happiness, and centeredness.



As we work together, you will experience many benefits. You will gain insight and self-understanding. You will learn many skills for how to work with difficult emotions and life challenges. You will become more aware of your needs, and be better equipped with how to meet those needs. You will feel an increase in motivation, healing, and inspiration. Overall, you will feel a greater sense of well-being, inner strength, and vitality.


The therapeutic framework

My approach is primarily integrative in nature and is strongly influenced by considering what is most useful to your particular needs. I place a great deal of importance on facilitating positive regard, empathy, and compassion with clients. My personal style is genuine, supportive, and encouraging. I emphasize deep listening and attentive focus, where clients feel heard, seen, and understood. Within this framework, clients have the opportunity to share and explore vulnerable emotions, beliefs, and experiences.

If you are interested in improving your life through the process of coaching, then please contact me to schedule an appointment or click the schedule button below.

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More Benefits

Participating in coaching offers many benefits. Here is a list of a few common benefits.


• Gain insight into unconscious patterns, defenses, and habits that can feel uncontrollable, painful, and self-sabotaging

• Increase self-knowledge and self-understanding

• Increase overall awareness and consciousness



• Increase ability to handle the stress of life challenges

• Strengthen your belief in yourself

• Experience the freedom and courage to make new choices leading to positive changes and the pursuit of life goals and dreams


Emotional Intelligence

• Identify deeper feelings

• Gain the ability to tolerate and soothe difficult emotions

• Learn how to work with and release emotions



• Gain skills in reconnecting with your sense of power

• Develop more security and safety from within

• Feel more confidence and inner strength


Interpersonal Skills & Health

• Learn how to communicate with a sense of empowerment and honesty

• Foster more satisfying relationships

• Increase your capacity for intimacy with self and others



• Gain skills in working with your nervous system, when you are feeling reactive

• Experience a safe space to work through grief and loss, abuse, and trauma

• Reduce fear, anxiety, worry, and depression



• Experience more meaningful and purposeful living

• Connection to your inner wisdom and knowing

• Align with more of your full potential


Positive Feelings of

• Creativity and vitality

• Passion, happiness, and inner peace

• Self-worth, love, acceptance





(In Ways That You Didn’t Think Were Possible).