Get To Know You Giveaway

Frequently Asked Questions About This Giveaway

1. What Are The Start And End Dates Of This Get To Know You Giveaway?

This Get To Know You Giveaway starts April 9, 2015 and ends on April 30th, 2015 at 8am PDT, which is about 21 days.

2. How Do I Enter Into This Get To Know You Giveaway?

You can enter into this Get To Know You Giveaway by completing the short survey listed above.

3. How Is The Winner Selected?  

The winner of the Get To Know You Giveaway will be selected on April 30th, 2015. People who complete the survey will have their names entered into a sealed jar. On April 30th, Dr. Jessica Higgins will select a name out of the jar. The process will be videotaped and shared on social media. One winner will be selected.

4. What Do I Win?

The winner will receive a $250 gift card for either a nice dinner out or a couples massage.

5. What Are My Chances Of Winning?

Odds of winning are between 1 in 100 and 1 in 1000.

6. How Will The Winner Be Notified?

The winner will receive an email from Dr. Jessica Higgins on April 30th, 2015.

7. Will The Winner Be Required To Do Anything?

Winner will need to sign a release and affidavit of eligibility form. The winner will be responsible to pay taxes on the $250.

8. Are There Any Restrictions That I Should Be Aware Of?

No purchase is necessary.

Must be 18 years old.

U.S. resident.

Limited to one entry per person.

9. Who Is Sponsoring This Get To Know You Giveaway?

Dr. Jessica Higgins is sponsoring this Get To Know You Giveaway, and she can be reached at





(In Ways That You Didn’t Think Were Possible).