Program – How To Turn Criticism Into Loving Communication

Do you find yourself criticizing your partner, or being criticized, when all you want is a loving connection?

Many couples feel the stress and pain of blame, criticism, and defensiveness within their relationship. Honestly, criticism is one of the top complaints I get.

Criticism in relationshipMost of the time, the critical partner doesn’t WANT to harm or cut down their significant other. They just want to express their needs and desires, and to be heard, understood, and supported.

But somehow, the conversation turns into an argument that pushes your partner even further away, leaving both of you feeling even more lonely and hurt than before.

These patterns can be incredibly insidious and hard to overcome. Sadly, the results are that both partners feel misunderstood, upset, and disconnected from each other.

How do you escape this negative pattern, and create safety and a loving connection with your partner?

In response to the numerous requests I’ve received, I’ve created a 4-week program. It’s called:

How to Turn Criticism Into Loving Communication

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In this program, you’ll receive specific strategies to remove criticism and blame from your relationship. You will find out exactly what constitutes criticism (it can be harder to identify than you might think!) You will discover why your attempts for a loving conversation keep turning into arguments.

Who is this program for?

If you:
• are stuck in repetitive, negative, critical and defensive patterns with your significant other.
• see little positive change when you address an issue you have with your partner.
• are concerned about the lack of harmony you feel when you and your partner have a different perspective.
• want to increase understanding and connection in your relationship

How will this program help you?

man and frustrated housewife having bad argumentWith this program you will:
• Increase the likelihood that your partner will respond favorably to you.
• Feel more flow and harmony with your partner.
• Experience more understanding and togetherness with your partner.
• Grow closer and more intimate in your connection.
• Experience positive change with your partner.
• Know that you can address a concern and you will see positive outcome.
• Feel happy in your relationship.
• Know your needs are getting met.
• Feel confident in your communication

What is taught in this program?

Topics include:
• What is Criticism (it can be harder to identify than you might think!)?
• Is it me or is my partner overreacting?
• Why Do I Criticize?
• How do I Stop Criticism?
• What Replaces Criticism (What do I do instead)?
• How to get my needs met without criticizing?

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What else is included in this program?

• Exclusive content. This information isn’t available anywhere else.

• The support and guidance needed to shift critical and defensive patterns in your relationships.

• 4 interactive live sessions (90 mins). Each session is tailored to meet your burning questions and will give you the opportunity to receive live laser coaching.

• Live Question & Answer sessions.

• 2 one-on-one sessions with Dr. Jessica Higgins (30 mins)

• Reliable and proven techniques and principles to transform criticism

• Weekly Exercises & Practices to integrate learning and further evolve your skillfulness and development.

• Tools and resources to shift out of blame and criticism with full confidence.

• Direct access to Dr. Jessica Higgins via email throughout the program.

Investment: $497 

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Critical patterns take time to break. Get the support you need to start shifting your patterns today.

Have additional questions? Let’s jump on a call. I can offer you more information to determine if this course is a good fit for you. Email at me at to schedule a time that will work for you.

How to Turn Criticism Into Loving Communication offers you the support and guidance needed to shift critical and defensive patterns in your relationships.

To ensure that every participant gets plenty of support and personalized attention, I’m keeping the group small and intimate. Therefore, there are limited spots available. Registration is limited to 20 participants. Register Now




(In Ways That You Didn’t Think Were Possible).