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Being in a happy and healthy relationship is one of the highest priorities and values in life. Yet, we are ill prepared in knowing how to cultivate long-lasting intimacy.

We enter into relationship with ideal notions and expectations of what things should be like. However, we usually do not have the skills to negotiate intense emotions skillfully…emotions like fear, threat, disappointment, frustration, anger, jealousy, insecurity, etc. Even with the best intentions, we resort to old protective strategies that result in further disconnect and pain (criticizing, anxiously pursuing, shutting down, turning away, etc).

Patterns and cycles do not change on their own. Getting good support is essential in being able to identify the blocks that are getting in the way and preventing real connection. Another crucial step is to developing productive, effective strategies to deal directly with what is going on underneath our defensive mechanisms.

Schedule a free strategy session to learn how to
shift relationship dynamics to achieve happy and lasting love.

Learn how to:

  • Gain clarity about the direction of your relationship.
  • Identify blocks that are getting in the way and preventing real connection.
  • Improve your communication and get on the same page with your partner.
  • Replace disagreements with more understanding, empathy, and respect for one another.
  • Feel more safe and secure in your connection with your partner.
  • Experience increased levels of happiness, connection, intimacy, and love together.
  • Gain hope and confidence for how to move forward in your relationship.

As with any learning process, there is an investment of your time, money, and energy. AND you will be investing in one of the most important areas of your life.


Strategy Session:
Please select “individual”, if you are interested in individual coaching only. If you think you may want couples coaching at some point, it is necessary for your partner to be a part of the strategy session.

Please select “couples,” if you are interested in couples coaching (and will be working with your partner).

*Please note that my assistant, Kavita, will follow-up with any additional questions and to confirm your appointment.


“Quite simply, Jessica saved our marriage. My wife and I had gone from being a couple that had a seemingly rock solid and enviable relationship to the brink of divorce. My wife stumbled upon Jessica’s podcast and we decided to start working with her as a last-ditch attempt to save our relationship after failing with a previous attempt at couples therapy.

Jessica was able to build trust with both of us and to uncover the underlying causes of our relationship issues within a few sessions. Over the next few months, she was able to work with us to expose our recurring patterns and coach us on modifying our behaviors to allow us to reclaim our marriage. Much of the work was painful but Jessica helped us to uncover deep wounds and deal with them openly and honestly. She taught us new ways of communicating and helped us remember why we love each other. Our relationship now feels strong and authentic. Even months after ending our sessions with Jessica, the stress that once permeated our household has disappeared and we both feel secure and comfortable with our bond.

We cannot recommend Jessica more highly. She is extremely empathetic, caring, and has a way of understanding each person’s point of view without taking sides. We once thought our relationship was doomed. Thanks to Jessica’s help and guidance, we feel like we have resurrected our marriage and saved our family.” F&M

“Jessica and her work with us has been instrumental in creating a powerful connection in our marriage. We have been working with her for nearly five years, and she continues to partner with us to create an even stronger bond. For me, her caring and compassionate heart mixed with gentle nudging has prompted me to open myself to my husband in a very emotionally safe manner. Her work has helped my husband find his way toward compassion and away from defensiveness. I would highly recommend her for any coaching needs, individual or as a couple. She will understand you, validate you, and challenge you in the most caring way. ” S.C.

“The Dalai Lama said, “Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.” Dr. Jessica Higgins has been that proverbial pebble for my husband and me in our relationship. She enabled a healing process where not only were tools given to reopen lines of communication but inroads were made towards understanding one another. Once the huge obstacles were hurdled relationally, she gave us a framework for first, taking personal responsibility by recognizing triggers within ourselves then, triggers between one another. This has helped us handle conflicts and moved us towards encouraging/nurturing our love for one another. We are grateful to Dr. Jessica’s work with us and happily still living within these ripple effects as our marriage continues to grow and deepen.” K.C.

“We have been working with Dr. Jessica Higgins for nearly six years, and cannot recommend her more highly. Jessica has helped us to gain a new “language” for our marriage, and has helped us to see ourselves more clearly, along with how our individual patterns and upbringing inform our relationship with one another. Jessica has served as a guide in navigating a new frontier for our relationship. The first five years of our marriage have brought with them a tremendous amount of change in our respective lives, and Jessica has helped us to navigate these seasons of change with a solid foundation, clarity, and love.” J+J

“I can’t say enough about Dr. Jessica Higgins’ relationship guidance and advice. Her support has been instrumental and has helped transformed how I show up in my relationship. My relationship is stronger now, and I am not sure we would have had the same outcome without her knowledge and insight. I feel more empowered in myself and my relationship because of her help. Thank you!” K.B.

“My relationship has completely changed through working with Jessica. She was equally attentive and took the time to hear both myself and my partners history and point of view. After thoroughly getting to know us she was able to get down to the core of our actual needs and desires and gave us the tools to do this outside of our sessions as well to create a safe and understanding dynamic. I’m so grateful for Jessica’s patience and guidance.” E.E.

“Working with Dr. Higgins was the the best investment we have ever made for our family. In addition to husband and wife we are also business partners. Dr. Higgins helped up level our relationship and shift dynamics that were unconsciously created. Working directly with Dr. Higgins gave us the skills that have grown us into elite teammates both personally and professionally.” M & B

“I came to Dr. Higgins roughly 6 months before my wedding as I needed support on familial circumstances and my relationship with my fiancé. I signed up for a 1-1 coaching sessions package after finding her podcast, Empowered Relationships. I’m across the country, so our sessions were virtual.

My favorite part about working with Dr. Higgins was her empathetic nature, she listens carefully, non-judgmentally, and can truly relate and understand my circumstances to the point where I felt fully safe and comfortable in conversation. This led to more vulnerability which I believe led to more healing for me personally throughout our sessions. She has an incredible perspective and can completely change the way you look at something by posing insightful questions and scenarios that I’d never before considered. It helped me to understand the patterns in my own behavior and the “why” behind them. This helped me to let go of some burdens I was carrying and learn to explain myself more effectively to my fiancé when conflict arises.

Dr. Higgins also added value beyond sessions by recommending research-based reading materials, videos, and other resources from her website and podcast, all of which I devoured and helped me between coaching sessions to continue on my healing path.

I appreciate the opportunity to look at things differently, understand myself better, and the ways she showed me how to relate and converse better with my family and fiancé even months after therapy as I’m writing this. I’ve gained more confidence in myself through working with Dr. Higgins. She truly has a great heart and extends that openly to others through her work.” CH

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Shifting Criticism For Connected Communication

Shifting Criticism For Connected Communication.

Stop the criticism loop, learn new ways to communicate
and strengthen the connection with your partner.


Dr. Jessica Higgins ~ Relationship and Transformational Coaching